"I'm a confident presenter generally, but with complex ideas to explain, sometimes I tend to speed through explanations.  Last week, with I4B fresh on my mind, I caught myself speeding up during an important presentation.  So I imagined myself in front of the classroom, paused for a breath, and then proceeded calmly and confidently -- and now the agency I was presenting to is a step closer to working with me."

"Those exercises and improvisational games and discussions are great for business creativity, idea generation, presentation skills and, as one of my classmates said, "I feel like I'm going to be better with clients now, because I'm more confident in my ability to think on my feet."

"Every single one of the participants came up to me afterwards to say how much they enjoyed it.  The way you weaved performance, humor and getting to know each other better was the key, and made it so helpful and enjoyable."

"Aside from having a tremendous amount of fun, the improv workshop was perfect for team building!"

"Utterly fantastic!  The team hasn't stopped talking about improv all week."

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